What is Vipassana meditation and how to do Vipassana

What is Vipassana meditation, How to do Vipassana

History of Vipassana Meditation

The word Vipassana is formed from ‘Vi’ and ‘passana’. Vi means “special” and passana means “to see”, that is, Vipassana means “to see” or “see in a particular way“.

It is said that Vipassana meditation was given by Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha took place about 2500 – 2600 years ago i.e. around 500 – 600 bc.

Bhagwan Buddha himself did not write any books, but when he used to speak, his students would listen to his body and read it and remember it.

After about 500 years, the students wrote it in the first Pali language in 20 bc.

There are two such books like Dirdhanikaya i.e. the lengthy discourse collection and Mazzmi Manikaya i.e. Madhyam discourse collection.

The text Mahasatipathansutta in 22 of Dirdhanikaya and the text Satyapathanasutta in 10 of Mazzimnyeke have written about Vipassana.

After the departure of Gautam Buddha, the Vipassana meditation was almost stopped. Some Buddhist monks knew and used to do it.

The students also had two parts, one was known as Yerawada Buddhism and the other was known as Mahayana Buddhism.

In the year 1550, the Yerwada Buddhism sect thought that Vipassana meditation method is very important, then it should be brought back.

That’s why the Vipassana Movement was started in 1950, also called the Insight Meditation Movement or the American Vipassana Movement.

In the year of 1976 S. N. Goenka (Satya Narayana Goenka) brought Vipassana meditation to India, and ordinary people who did not believe in Buddhism also started learning.

Acharya Rajneesh also told about Vipassana meditation in the year of 1977.

There is a slight difference in the method of Vipassana meditation by Acharya Rajneesh and Goenka, but it is not.

Acharya Rajneesh, who used to meditate on Vipassana, has to sit in his breath and see his breath coming. And when you walk, you have to walk consciously.

Goenka , who used to meditate on Vipassana, first of all you have to see your breath coming and then you have to see the movement happening in every part of your body.

Acharya Rajneesh also makes us look inside the body and meditate to move energy around the body. But maybe it is called varanium meditation.

The Sanskrit word varaniyam means paramount or we can also call it the ultimate energy God.

So to descend the supreme energy and move around in your body is called Varanium meditation.

Both Acharya Rajneesh and Goenka get the first phase done, which is only for the body.

Many times, different parts of the whole method are also made by different names such as Varanium, Anapan Sati, Mindfulness etc.

But the whole method of Vipassana has been told for four things in the original book Pushta Sutta.

1. Kayanupassna – Vipassana for Body

2. Vednanupassna – Vipassana for Filings

3. Chittanupassana – Vipassana for the retarded

4. Dhammanupassna – Cosmic Law (This is the rule that the whole world follows.)

Actually Vipassana is meant to be done in meditation only by sitting a little method in the first step. In all the other steps, the method only works in the mind.

He does not have to do any one time i.e. one hour in the day, but this method has to be done all day and night.

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How to do Vipassana Meditation ?

In the first phase(Vipassana for Body), sitting has been asked to do, it is just preparation, that is why the seeker understands how to do it the whole day.

Once there is a practice of sitting and watching the breath, then it becomes easier.

In the first phase we have to sit in some quiet place. And you have to see your breath with eyes closed.

Now it means to see here that we have to keep awareness that the breath is coming and going. It is called Aanapanasati in Pali.

In this neither the breath has to be deepened nor slowed down. Your breath is going like it is just to feel it.

If your breath is running loudly, then know that the breath is going on loudly. If your breath is slow, then know that your breath is slow.

That is, do not try to change it and just keep awareness that breathing is going on. Actually this practice is so that our mind can be controlled.

In fact, no thought in our mind lasts more than 45 seconds. After 45 seconds, some thought comes to our mind.

If we pay attention to the breath, it will break the cycle of 45 seconds. This meditation has nothing to do with the breath, but the main thing is to keep our mind in one place.

For this, many people also meditate on the second needle of the clock.

For a minute, watch the needle of the watch, that the needle has moved forward. It should only be a single thought that the needle moved forward, it should not even be an idea of how many seconds it has been.

As the practice gets deeper, more peace will be felt. After that we have to start looking into the body.

To see inside the body means to feel the parts of the body in the mind. Starting from any one place in the body, you should roam all over the body.

If the action that you see in your breath will be equal then it becomes easier to rotate meditation in the body.

But during this whole method, remember that the second thought should not come.

That is, when you are looking at the body from within and moving the attention towards your hand, then only the idea should be that it is the hand.

Whatever thought came at that time, let it go, do not pay attention to it.

The purpose of doing this is that some negative energy is produced in our body, we have to get it through this meditation method.

Just like when we walk, only the idea of walking should be that I am walking.

So when walking, sitting or lying down, all we have to do is to see that I am doing that action. Do not bring second thoughts to mind.

In this way, when the practice of looking inside the body, walking, sitting and lying becomes deep, now in the context or things which we see all day, only that object has to be thought of and not another thought.

Vednanupassna  (Vipassana for Filings)

The second phase, the anguish that we have, why is this happening? Why is that? All that is happening is to see it. Why does this happen to me, do not think about it all.

Chittanupassana  (Vipassana for the retarded)

In the third stage, we have to see how emotions and desires occur due to the chakras in our body and how we as women and men get drawn into two types of mind.

In this too, everything is like that, it has nothing to do. Do not think whether it is good or bad.

Dhammanupassna – Cosmic Law (This is the rule that the whole world follows)

In the fourth stage, we have to try to know the rules that this world follows.

Do not try to change it after knowing the rule but follow it. And just to see that there is such a rule. We can get nirvana or moksha by doing these four steps.

Now the question is, how long to meditate on Vipassana?

Bhagwan Buddha says at the end of the Mahasatipathansutta that this method has to be done by work for seven years.

According to our situation today, we can say that we should do 12 to 15 years.

Kapalbhati for Beginners

what is meditation, How to do Meditation

Pranayama : Anulomvilom, Ujjayi, Bhramari

Conclusion :

Vipassana is not just a method of sitting for half or an hour. But every moment there is a method to change life.

In Bhagwan Buddha’s time, the words Vipassana and Dhyan used to mean, to see what I am doing and to be aware of my deeds.

But later the whole meaning changed, everyone understands that the meaning of Vipassana and Meditation is to just sit on the floor, but actually Vipassana means to watch with awareness.

Many people feel that Vipassana meditation is the easiest, but actually Vipassana meditation is the most difficult meditation, because we have to do everything through it.

Many people are in a hurry. After doing the method for a week or a month,  ask that I have been doing this for so long, when will it happen?

But we have to remember that if we keep thinking about when the result will happen, it will not be because of that idea, then we just have to remember that I have to do this method in this way, the results will get automatically.

You do not need to find a guru to do this. You have to apply Vipassana meditation to yourself.

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