7 Best Facial Yoga for Glowing Skin and For Perfect Shape of your Face

Facial Yoga for Glowing Skin

To get the Glowing Skin You Have to try this Facial yoga. By doing this yoga, Blood circulation would be good.

Those who have wrinkles on their face are removed. The fine line is far away.

Sometimes our face looks like lifeless, by doing this Facial Yoga  you will get Glowing Skin.

Our double Chin problem would go away, it helps reduce the fat that accumulates on the face.

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Facial Yoga Steps For Glowing Skin

Step 1 

Facial Yoga for Glowing skin

Breathe deeply and fill the air in your mouth, now close the mouth with the index finger, hold the breath for as long as possible and slowly let the air out.

  • By doing this, we will stretch the whole muscles which causes wrinkles under our eyes.
  • The wrinkles that line up near the cheeks will be removed.
  • Blood circulation will be so fast that the skin will glow.

Do this step for  10 to 12 times a day.

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Step 2 

To do this Yoga You have to tap/slap all over your face slowly.

  • Sometimes you are very tired, sleep is not complete, then your face starts to look lifeless, then this step will improve blood circulation and glow on your face.

This step has to be done 5 to 10 times a day

Step 3 


facial yoga for lowing skin

 First make ‘O’ by mouth and open by making ‘X’

  • This will bring your chick bone in shape, it will reduce wrinkles on your cheeks.

Do this 5 to 6 times a day

Step 4 

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you have to rub both of your hands properly, it will create a hit, and then first hit your hand on the forehead, your eyes and then the whole face.

  • Your fine line and wrinkles away from it.
  • Get the Glow on your face.

If possible, do it in the morning. If you can’t for any reason, do it anytime of the day.

Step 5 

Facial yoga

Hold Your Breath and purse your lips. Puff your breath from cheek to cheek 8 times. Release breath and repeat.

It makes your cheeks firm and removes fine lines.

Step 6 

Place your thumbs on your nostrils, inhale, hold your breath, fill your mouth with your breath and move your chin towards your chest and slowly exhale.

So for beginners you can hold this for twenty seconds, you can gradually increase it up to one minutes.

  • This will help the blood to flow on your face and that will give you a glowing skin.

Step 7 

Sukhasana for Glowing skin

Sit in sukhasan, close your eyes and inhale through your nose, hold your breath and exhale through your mouth. Try to hold it as much time as you can hold it for.

  • By doing this, you will feel fresh from inside, your fatigue will go away, and freshness will come to your face.

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