Tips for Yoga for Beginners - 21 tips for yoga beginners

Tips for Yoga for Beginners

Useful tips for yogasanas

There are many benefits of yoga that we should adopt in our daily life. It not only gives us physical benefits but also keeps us mentally healthy.

But it is not only important to do it, but it is very important to do well and properly only then it will have its benefits

If you want to get the most out of doing asanas, it is very important to know and follow the general instructions given below

Tips for Yoga 

1.Sit in a clean place where there is no air obstruction, not too much heat, and if possible to do asanas in an open space.

2. Early morning is the best time for asana. At this time the mind is refreshed and alert. Early morning asanas will be with more energy and enthusiasm. Evening time is also good. When the body is tired from working all day, a good frequency of asanas will stimulate the whole system and will add more work force.

3. Use a non-slip mat to do this

4. Wear cotton clothes that are loose and comfortable

5. It is better and more beneficial to do asanas after the toilet. It is very important to have an empty stomach so that you do not feel unwell during the study.

6. Good habit of drinking a glass of water immediately after asana work

7. It is beneficial to take a bath before starting the asana. This opens the pores of the skin and causes blood to flow. If you want to take a bath after asana, do it after half an hour.

8. To do asana on an empty stomach. Eat only half an hour after asana work.

9. Silence until the asana lasts. This is how power is stored. And every asana method can also be meditative.

10. Say Om or any other mantra before and after the action. It calms the mind.

11. Do not rush to do every asana. If time is short, do less asanas. But whatever you do, do it right and slowly.

12. Do not use too much force in doing asanas. You should not feel tired after doing asanas but should feel more refreshed, alert and calm.

13. A little rest is required after each asana work and Swasana is ideal for. With a little rest, you can do the second asana well and with enough energy.

14. Do each asana as long as you can easily. The more time you spend in the asana position, the more you will benefit. As you gain more dominance, time gradually increases.

15. Maintain the posture of the asana in a stable position. Asanas should not be done in a hurry or by jerking.

16. Do the asanas that you like and with which the body sits. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. If you change your mind every day, you will not become an expert.

17. Always inhale through the nose rather than asanas.

18. Be regular in practice. Those who keep on turning cannot progress in the asana.

19. In the beginning, do asanas that you can do easily. If you try to do hard asanas and you can’t do them, you will be helpless.

20. You should take interest in doing asanas. And you should feel refreshed when the asanas are completed.

21. It is important to have faith that you will achieve mental and physical perfection through the practice of asanas.

22. So let’s make asanas a routine of our life.

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Whenever you start doing yoga, follow the rules given above, otherwise it can be harmful rather than beneficial.

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If you want, you can teach yoga from any yoga guru. And make it regular only then you will get its benefits.

If you have any illness or problem, consult your doctor and do yoga afterwards.


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