The Meaning of Namaste - why we should say Namaste

The Meaning of Namaste

What is the meaning of Namaste ?

Friends, Namaste is used to greet the guest and the revered. The use of Namaste in Indian culture is generally considered appropriate, but due to the spread of Corona virus in the recent past, it is seen that the practice of Namaste is being adopted by foreign culture as well.

With this we will be able to keep ourselves away from others and we can also greet with love.

When we meet each other, we bow our heads by saying hello, but do you know what Namaste means.

We do Namaste, but we don’t know what that means. Here we will explain what the meaning of Namaste is.

If we break Namaste or Namaskar in Sanskrit, we will find that Namaste is composed of two words Namah + Asthe.

Namah means bent and aste means head (full of ego or pride) ie my ego-filled head bowed before you.

By doing Namaste, we sacrifice our ego and bow our head in front of others, Namaste also reminds us that one should never do arrogance. One should always stay on the ground.

Namaste should always be done with both hands folded as it is also an indicator of equality.

To whom we do hello, we should also answer the hello with folded hands, if he does not do this then understand that he has an ego and he thinks you are younger than him.

There are some people who do not understand the meaning of Namaste, so when someone says hello to them, they simply bow down and indicate that I have taken your Namaste.

But it is wrong from the culture, so if someone greets you with both hands Hello with both hands folded.

He said hello – my head bowed before you, there is no ego in me

So you can also join both hands and answer his namaste – and say – My head also bowed in front of you sir, I also have no ego.

While doing Namaste, both hands, both hearts and minds of both should be found, just remember that both are human, at that time one should give up the ego.

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Namaste means respect for each other. When you say hello to someone, then there is respect for you in the heart of the person in front.

We should respect everyone and Namaste there is a way to show respect. Just like we do Surya Namaskar in yoga, it is also a way to give respect to the Sun.

And namaste is the best way to meet each other in the corona that is going on nowadays.

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