Yoga to improve posture - 7 asana helps to improve your posture

Yoga to improve posture

Even though improving your posture  is not an easy task, but having a good posture can make you look and feel better.

If you find yourself bending too much, then try to improve your posture in all parts of your life, from walking to sleeping. Even though this improvement may take time.

Yoga is very capable of protecting you from many diseases and at the same time it keeps you physically and mentally calm.

Not only this, yoga also improves your sitting and standing posture, which removes all the problems related to your bones.

Yoga keeps your body fully healthy and at the same time healthy.

List of Yoga to improve posture

  1. Mountain pose
  2. Tree pose
  3. Bow pose
  4. Cat pose
  5. Staff pose
  6. Child pose
  7. Cobra pose

1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is like standing in a normal way.This pose is also called Tadasana in Hindi.

This pose is very helpful in giving the right posture to your body. Mountain pose is the main practice of standing rugs.

The name Tadasana Yoga is made up of two Sanskrit words. ‘Tad’ which means ‘mountain’ and ‘Asan’ means ‘Mudra’, i.e. this posture means to be in the mountain posture.

This asana is very easy and has many benefits.

How to do Mountain pose

  • Stand straight by joining your feet and legs together.
  • Now slowly raise up your hands up towards the ceiling, while inhaling deeply and resting your entire body weight on the toes with your heels being raised.
  • Maintain this position for few seconds and then slowly bring down your arms while exhaling and resting your body again on your entire feet.
  • It is important to stand erect while doing this asana

2. Tree Pose

Tree pose is known as Vriksasana in Hindi. It is considered a very good pose for balancing.

How to do Tree pose

3. Dhanurasan (Bow Pose)

When performing Dhanurasana, the body is visible like a “bow” shape, hence this posture is called Dhanurasana.

This asana is very beneficial for the waist and spinal cord. Performing Dhanurasana exercises the muscles of the entire body from neck to back and lower back.

How to do Bow pose

4. Cat Pose

Marjarasan or marjari asana. You can call it by any of the two names. It is a Sanskrit language word consisting of two words.

In which the word “marjari” means “cat” and “asana” means “posture or position”. The person performing this asana looks like a cat.

How to do cat pose

5. Dandasana (Staff Pose)

Dandasana is a Sanskrit word consisting of two words, in which the first word “danda” means “stick” and the second word “asana” means “pose”.

This asana prepares your body to perform advanced asanas. It also enhances your ability to align your body perfectly.

This posture is the foundation for all seated postures. If you look closely, it is a seated version of Tadasana or Mountain Pose.

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Dandasana is the first pose in the Ashtanga yoga series that is performed by sitting. In this way, sitting in dandasana is the basis for all other asanas.

How to do staff pose

6. Child Pose

It is believed that there is no better resting place than the mother’s womb. Only then when you lie down in this stage, both body and mind get relief.

You can practice Balasana Yoga to get your body in a comfortable position. With this asana, stretching occurs in the spinal cord and waist and the tension present in them is removed. It brings flexibility in the internal organs of the body.

How to do child pose

7. Cobra pose

Bhujangasana is the 8th of the 12 asanas of Surya Namaskar. Bhujangasana is also called Sarpasana, Cobra Asana or Serpent Mudra.

In this posture, the body forms the shape of a snake. This asana is done by lying on the ground and bending the back. While the head is in the raised posture of the snake

 How to do cobra pose


If there is no awareness about body posture, then it starts deteriorating slowly. If the body’s posture is fine, then you are more fit.

Body posture also shows the fitness of the human body. If you are not fit then your body posture is also not good.

By keeping the body posture correct, there is less bone disease in the body. Problems like back pain, neck pain are more in those whose body posture is not correct.

It is very important for healthy and feet body to recover body posture and this yoga improve body posture.

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