which yoga done after meal? Vajrasana for digestion and tummy problems

Yoga which is done after meal

Which Yoga done after meal

Thousands of physical problems arise due to poor food and drink in the modern era. It affects the stomach the most, causing serious diseases.

If you also have a stomach problem, then surely your mind will not be engaged in any work.

If food is not digested in the stomach and the stomach is constantly coming out, then perform Vajrasana.

It is generally believed that Yogasan should be done only after 4 hours of eating food.

But Vajrasana is such a yoga, which you will do immediately after eating food, then you will get relief from digestive problems.

Especially those who feel heaviness in the stomach immediately after eating food, sour belching or the stomach is not properly cleaned in the morning. Those people must do this posture.

Method of vajrasana

To perform Vajrasana, bend your two legs backward and sit on your knees. Keep waist, back and shoulders straight.

Keeping the neck straight, keep the mouth in front.

Keep both hands above the knees or in the lap in meditation posture. Close your eyes and try to calm the mind and take deep breaths.

Precautions for Vajrasana 

  • In Vajrasana, if there is more stretch and tension in the feet or ankles, then sit with both legs spread in front and move the feet alternately down above the knee.
  • Do not do Vajrasana, whose knees are weak, those who have arthritis or who have any disease related to bones.

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Benefits of Vajrasana

There is no one benefit from performing Vajrasana but there are many benefits. It is also helpful in maintaining the digestive system and maintaining the figure.

Vajrasana increases gastritis. It works by digesting food and giving energy to our body.

Today’s generation most of the time do sitting or standing jobs. In this case, they complain of pain in the legs. Vajrasana gives immense benefits to these youth.

Vajrasana does not cause stomach problems and gas related problems. Also our blood circulation is better.

Vajrasana strengthens the muscles of the feet. There is a lot of relief in the pain of the heels and calves.

If you want to keep the stomach thin, then do Vajrasana after eating food regularly. Your stomach will not come out.

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Types of Vajrasana

Vajrasana is usually of two types. The second type of Vajrasana is called Suptavajrasana. The method of sitting in it is slightly different.


If you want, you can do Vajrasana comfortably while watching a movie or even listening to the music.

Or you can sit in this posture even while gossiping with your family. It is one of the easiest asan but its benefits are many…


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