10 minutes yoga flow sequence - Easy yoga sequence for everyone

10 minutes Yoga Flow Sequence

10 minutes Yoga Flow Sequence which is good for those who wants to start there yoga and for the begining it is very easy to do,and that will make your body strong and flexible by doing one or two asanas.

We all know that yoga is beneficial for our health, it can keep us away from many diseases and it also keeps us fit.

All you have to do is wake up in the morning and go out in the open air and set your mat and start your yoga. With this, anyone can do it easily.

So now we will start our 10 minutes yoga flow sequence, first of all we have to do a little worm up

  • Spin your hands in circular motion, Do it with both hands
  • Now spin your legs in circulation motion
  • You can also do the worm up in your own way.

Now we will do Pranayama which we call Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Pranayama is control of the Breathing. “Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body.

On subtle levels prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force and “ayama” means control.

Pranayama is powerful breathing technique that ensure healthy body and calm mind.

Regular practise of various types of pranayama improves breathing pattern, purifies blood, boosts resistance powder and gives physical strength.

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Steps of Anulom Vilom Pranyama

!0 minutes yoga flow Sequence of anulom vilom

  • Come to a comfortable crossed legged position in sukhasana
  • Block your right nostril, and inhale slowly through the left.
  • Hold your breath for a few counts, and then exhale slowly through the right nostril.
  • Block your left nostril, and inhale slowly through the right.
  • Hold your breath for a few counts, and then exhale through the left.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama

  • Anulom Vilom balances the physical and mental energy of our body.
  • Increase in oxygen and effective decrease in carbon-dioxide.
  • Improves blood circulation and purifies blood to toxins.
  • Keep mind free from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mental illness, Hypertension and mind related problems.
  • Keep away the heart-related problems.
  • Improves concentration and mind in positive thinking.
  • Give a great glowing skin with no pimples and no skin problems.
  • Regular body exercises of Anulom Vilom keep our body clean and strong.
  • Body with active and more energy level.
  • Helps to improve the functioning of lungs.
  • Cures diseases like a Migraine, Headache, Asthma, Heart attack, Gastric problems, depression,
  • Cures in Sinus, Respiratory problems, Blood pressure, Constipation and Heart blockage.
  • It is a good breathing exercise that provides all the benefits of deep breathing.

Now we will do our next asana or you can say pranayama and that is,

kapalbhati pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama is a yogic breathing practice that is considered a kriya, or internal purification practice.

The term derived from the Sanskrit word kapal meaning “skull” and bhati meaning “to shine”. Kapalbhati is a kriya, a purification technique of Hatha yoga.

By doing regular kapalbhati, your face glows because it improves blood circulation.

This pranayama is considered an intermediate to advanced breathing technique.

It is believed to cleanse the internal organs, energize the nervous and circulatory system, as well as improve metabolism.

In Kapalbhati we do quick exhalation and natural inhalation. That is, we do not pay attention to breathing but when we exhale we have to pay attention to it.

Quick exhalation and natural inhalation follow each other. So how many rounds you should practice this yoga?

If you are beginners in kapalbhati , begin slowly, starting with one minute and then working your way up.

We should practice this breath yoga in the morning because that time our body is ready and working to purify.

Steps of Kapalbhati pranayama

10 minutes yoga flow sequence of kapalbhati

  • Sit in padmasana or sukhasana and keep your back straight.
  • Keep your hands in the gyana mudra on the knees. Face to be relaxed.
  • Inhale deeply through both nostril, expanding abdominal and exhale with the forceful contraction of abdominal muscles(pull the abdomen in by quickly contracting the abdominal muscles and exhale through the nose)
  • The air is pushed out of lungs by contraction of the diaphragm.
  • After exhaling, breathe again but do not put any kind of effort, take the normal. To inhale just relax and lungs will automatically expand and filled with air.
  • In this way you have to do 15 times, this will be one round finish.
    Initially you have to do 3 rounds in this way.

Benefits of Kapalbhati :

  • Kapalbhati cleanses the lungs and fills oxygen in the body.
  • Blood is replenished, which supplies oxygen to cells.
  • Digestion is improved.
  • Abdominal muscles are strengthened.
  • Prepare the mind for meditation.
  • Energize the mind for mental health.
  • Kapalbhati cleanses both body and mind.
  • Regular practice of kapalbhati can help you in losing your body fat, especially the belly area.

What to keep in mind while doing Kapalbhati.

  • Kapalbhati should be do empty stomach.
  • Don’t do it in the evening, do it in the morning.
  • If you feel tired or dizzy while doing Kapalbhati, stop and relax.
  • Don’t do if you have a hernia, High blood presser.

Now we do the last asana which is the main posture among all the rugs and that is “Surya Namashkar

This is such a posture in which we include many Asana, I have written about it in detail, to know which you can click on the link given below.

How to do Surya namashkar

My opinion

Now you will think what will happen with such an asana but it is better to do a little than do nothing just to this 10 minutes yoga flow sequence once and you will see the difference

And believe me, by doing this, you will be fit and you will also feel like exercising more and you will be able to do more posture which I am going to do in my next blog.



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